(ABOVE): This map shows the site of The Pullman Works in the present day. The layout of the site has changed very little since it was built. The Cliftonville Curve sweeps round to the top right. Note the stairway from Highcroft Villas, which is still intact in the present day.

Ordinance Survey Publications


(ABOVE): This map shows the Combined Engineering Works on the site of the old Steam Sheds. It is interesting to note the bridge over New England Road. While the structure was widened to accept more track work, no lines actually pass over the original bridge: two buildings and the northwesterly tip of the carpark are directly in the path of any route that would have crossed the bridge. In the top right corner of the map, the bridge to the Lower Goods Yard can still be seen still intact at the present day (2005) Ordinance Survey Publications

ABOVE: This diagram shows the usage of the site detailed immediately due to closure and redevelopment of the site. The Fyffe’s Bananas Warehouse has become John’s Camping, Martha’s Barn Furniture and Clifford’s Auto Factors.

This map is not to scale and is meant only to represent the layout and usage of the site components. C.C.K., Brewers Decorating Supplies, the Tribunal Courts & Geo Richardson’s Scrap Merchants all came about with the widening and redevelopment of New England Street in 1962.